TRUTH and the new human reality ~ Karen Doonan


For many of you the last 3 linear days or even longer may have been a time when you felt at a loss of who you were and what was happening. The 3d overlay in place being the full moon and solar eclipse.  The influx of the higher dimensional energies will have seen many of you release lifetimes of pain and trauma and this may have been in various ways, from the very physical being sick to the emotional response of tears/ anger. No matter how you chose at a human conscious waking mind level to let go the letting go may have been intense. The reason for this release is to help you move fully into the new higher dimensional timeline of TRUTH. Unlike the timelines in which you have lived for aeons the NEW EARTH timeline is ONE timeline that exists in multiple dimensions.

I would ask you to process my words through your heart space as the human logical mind may try to filter out that which I am attempting to explain, I say attempt for it is a concept that has to be anchored at a human conscious waking mind level in order to be utilised in your outer waking reality at human level.  The karmic dimensional timelines that were CREATED for the human race will have seen you repeat over and over the themes that your SOUL was moving through, from abandonment to grief these karmic dimensional timelines kept you locked VIBRATIONALLY into a reality that appeared to allow you to have free will but always through the filters of GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL.  These are very heavy frequencies and will have literally anchored you in place as you lived your life here on planet earth over and over. Unable to see the roles that those around you were playing to and unable to fully escape as it were (to use a very human phrase) the outcomes.

The movement of the human race into the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH sees these dimensional timelines begin to dissolve, this releases the fragments of SELF from these dimensional timelines and STRENGTHENS your SOUL as the fragments are healed and accepted once more ready to be utilised in the NEW EARTH dimensional timeline. It is vital to anchor that ONLY TRUTH is supported in the New Earth, anything that is not of this vibration will not manifest fully. I have touched upon manifestation in other blogs and the manifestation process is one that asks for you to find balance. To hold tightly on to something believing that there is only ONE way to manifest is to walk in the teachings of distortion. Miracles are only birthed when you let go of the need to control and allow the universe to create WITH YOU, for you are part of the UNIVERSE as it is part of you but you have been taught under the old 3d earth paradigms that you must fight for your right to have anything on this planet. This is NOT TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth.

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The manuscript of survival ~ part 367 ~ By Aisha North


As you all know well by now, the age of creativity has begun, and with it, a whole new set of tasks will be made available to you all. We know that this will sound daunting for many of you, but again we remind you that you have much previous knowledge in these areas. And as such, you will not err on the next step on your journey. For you have all been well trained dear ones, and remember, you have been hand picked to perform these tasks that now lie before you, and as such, we have perhaps more confidence in you than you yourselves have at the moment. And that is indeed easy to understand, as the forgetfulness that was drawn like a heavy blanket over you all as you descended down to this earthly abode a long time ago has not been easy to penetrate. But now, it is as if someone has taken hold of one of the corners and started to ease it slowly and gently off you, and so, you can all see how the light is coming in and hitting your very soul for the very first time in this incarnation. For now, the old forgetfulness will serve you no more, and you will be asked to rub your eyes, sit up, and start to take stock of the situation.

For as this new light starts to seep in, it will reveal that you are in fact surrounded by miracles waiting to become on all sides, and all you have to do, is to acknowledge them. In other words, there is no need to get all stressed out by contemplating all that needs to be done, all you have to do, is simply to think of what is already there, waiting to become just by you being aware of it. In other words, this is not a process where you will be asked to toil and sweat, bearing heavy burdens uphill, forever straining against the current. No, this is simply a process of ALLOWING, of becoming wide open, so that your curiosity will start to seek out all of the possibilities already forming in a fertile state. In other words, all that you will ever need to do in order to transform your abode to heaven on Earth is already there, waiting at your fingertips. So try not to get bogged down by trying to take in the immensity of it all. Simply allow yourself to BE, and the flow of creativity that awaits within you will start to flow in an ever increasing amount, and so, by doing that, you will be doing all that you need to do.

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Choosing your State of Being ~ bentinho massaro


As you start choosing your state of being moment by moment, you will soon reach a point of re-empowerment, where you have remembered that your state of being is truly up to you, and up to you only; and that all things that show up in your life are derived from your state of being.

Thus, less and less you’ll choose the option that is unjoyful (worry, concern, belief in lack and separation, etc.) and more and more you’ll choose the state of being that is infused with joy and trust in the lacklessness of Now: That which contains All of creation and All possibilities.

You’ll realize that choosing your joy makes all the difference ‘out there’ and you’ll find yourself proving time and time again, that choosing joy/connection/bliss/freedom/trust is an act that contains all solutions to all possible situations. You become a living, breathing, walking, flying miracle, inseparable from the delicious miracle that is All-That-Exists.

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A history of Creation ~ part 4 ~ By Aisha North

This is another one of those message that perhaps will make many a head spin, but we do know that this will not be new knowledge to any of you. In fact this is what has been imprinted within you all from the very beginning not only for this life, but from eternity. For you all share the same blueprint as you all hail from the same ether, and as such, nothing is ”news” to any of you, nor will it be. But for special reasons, you have been programmed to disable the old memory banks you carry with you, and so, life as a human being began. But now, when you are stepping into your full powers again as true creators, you will be allowed to access it all once again. For what once was considered as a hindrance, will now once again be an asset, as you have managed to rewire yourselves sufficiently to access the higher vibrational spheres from where you once came. For this is all about vibration, of harmonics, of sound if you will, set up to play a certain tune that will harmonize with everything else that is. For All of Creation is nothing more than an enormous piece of music, all created by separate “notes”  put together to play out in dissonance and in consonance, it depends how you look at it. Or rather, listen. For what you SEE is really what you HEAR, in other words that you perceive, is vibration, but these vibrations can take many different shapes and forms, and they can be visual as well as aural. You see, everything is humming its own tune, it is shaking and dancing to its inner harmonics, and these are what make them visible, both to the eye and to other receptors of vibration.

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Doing By Not Doing ~ Wu Wei ~ Owen K Waters


Wouldn’t it be just great if life suddenly became a lot easier? What if, instead of working hard to complete a project, it all just flowed together in one easy-moving path towards perfect completion?

Such is the promise of the Eastern philosophy of Wu Wei (“Woo-Way”), which promotes the idea of “doing by not doing.” When nothing is done, it says, nothing is left undone.

When nothing is done… excuse me? When I first encountered this stark contradiction I became seriously worried about my brain cells short-circuiting and melting. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that I was starting to smell smoke coming out of my ears!

Later, at an older and riper age, I began to see the idea behind the apparent contradiction. The alternative translation of “action without effort” instead of “doing by not doing” helped to clarify the original idea. I came to realize that if, instead of trying to make something happen by the usual efforts of planning, willpower and determination, you go within and see the action accomplished, then something very different happens. The action doesn’t mysteriously become accomplished by non-effort, but you experience a state of flow which enables you to move through the task with ease, grace and incredible efficiency.

A leading light in positive psychology today is Hungarian-American professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. (In case you’re wondering, his last name is pronounced, “Cheek-sent-me-high-ee.”) His focus on happiness and creativity led to the concept of flow, which is a state of concentration or complete absorption in an activity. He points out that developing a state of flow leads to higher skill development and the ability to meet higher challenges within a chosen field.

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birds of paradise

The Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the astounding beauty of 39 of the most exquisitely specialized animals on earth. After 8 years and 18 expeditions to New Guinea, Australia, and nearby islands, Cornell Lab scientist Ed Scholes and National Geographic photojournalist Tim Laman succeeded in capturing images of all 39 species in the bird-of-paradise family for the first time ever. This trailer gives a sense of their monumental undertaking and the spectacular footage that resulted. Filmed by Tim Laman, Ed Scholes, and Eric Liner.

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Ron Paul ~ A Republic, If You Can Recognize It


Over two hundred years ago the United States Constitution was written as a guide for America’s unique experiment in freedom. Today the free society that the Founders envisaged is barely identifiable.

America is no longer a bastion of freedom. Prevailing ideology, grounded in economic ignorance and careless disregard for individual liberty, is nurtured by a multitude of self-serving, power-seeking politicians spouting platitudes of compassion for the poor who are created by their own philosophy. Reelection is paramount in the minds of most of those who represent us, while freedom and constitutional restraint of power are considered old-fashioned and unwise.

Most people today fail to accept the obvious fact that government largesse can come only as a result of a systematic scheme of government theft.

The feeling of frustration prevalent in the country today is certainly understandable. Government is so big and the bureaucracy so cumbersome that the average person has little to say about his economic destiny unless he resorts to the underground economy. In a free society, of course, individual initiative and ability are the principal factors in determining one’s economic well-being.

Not surprisingly, half of the people don’t register to vote and less than half of those who do rarely vote. When permitted on the ballot, “None Of The Above” is the most attractive candidate. Something certainly has gone wrong. The role of government and the people’s attitude toward government have changed dramatically since 1787, with most of the changes occurring in the twentieth century. It appears that we are in the waning days of the American Republic.

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